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Rank for Featured Snippets -9 Important Things You Need To Know
September 12, 2017

Whenever you have entered any keyword to search anything, you observed a box that displays below the search box and above the top ranking search results. That box comprises of the small summary of information which is known as Featured Snippet. This is the direct answer from Google to you based on your query that displays in a little box just above the Google Snack Pack. This is the other method using which Google is improving the users’ search experience.

Although featured snippets have been the part of Google since 2013, the vast majority of SEOs have ignored the process of attempting to confine them as a strategy. Yet capturing a featured snippet is not as scary as you might consider.

According to the analysis by SEO expert from SEO Company Dubai, Google’s criterion for showing a featured snippet is when it recognizes that the query entered by the user asks a question, Google programmatically will discover the pages that answer the user’s question, as well as show a top result the same as featured snippet in the search results.

Studies have revealed that around 30 percent of Google search results consist of featured snippets. That number is now expected to continue to increment dramatically due to the increase in the use of voice search. It has never been crucial to getting the desired “Position 0” in the SERPs.

Would you like to rank in position 0? Here are 9 things that you need to know about the featured snippets –

  1. You can’t produce featured Snippets

This simply means that no matter what you perform from an SEO point of view, you simply can’t force the creation of the featured snippet. In fact, Google itself makes featured snippets at their own discretion.

  1. You can take over featured snippets from others.

The ideal method to get featured snippets is to initially utilize a tool such as SEMrush, Moz Pro, or Ahrefs Site Explorer. Utilizing such tools, you can view where your website actually ranks for search queries and based on those recent rankings you can view which queries recently display featured snippets and in what format.

  1. Page 1 Rankings Needed

It is important to know that if your page does not rank well to appear on page 1 for a search query that hits a featured snippet, then getting the same will be nearly impossible. Studies reveal that around 99.58 percent of all featured snippets are from sites that rank within top 10 of that search term.

  1. Analyze and Identify Opportunities

If you have discovered a featured snippet for a keyword you rank on page 1, simply try it and capture it. Develop your content in such a manner that will deliver a suitable answer.

  1. Take Care of Grammar

While writing content, please verify the content again and again to remove the grammatical mistakes. Suppose if any mistake is found in your heading or description then it could hit removal from position 0.

  1. Consider Inverse Pyramid

You need to attempt and place the answer to the featured snippet towards the top of your page. Begin with the answer and then supplement the rest of the content on that page with the information so the user could get everything answered in this one place.

  1. Formatting Matters

In case the presently featured snippet is in a table format, ensure that your answer is also in a table format. Or if the featured snippet seems to be as a bulleted list, assure that yours is as well and so on.

  1. Featured Snippets are expanding, becoming quite varied

Surprisingly, the featured snippets have expanded their types as well as display currently. For instance, write job search in the search box which shows local jobs when you click enter. This will continue to expand and diversify which results in even more opportunities for business to rank in this position.

  1. Have a look at “People also search” box.

Viewing the results in this box cannot just assist you to answer the significant question but additionally spark thoughts for the other content you can write to assist your SEO efforts.

These searches are most of the times related and can actually help to obtain insight into other related keywords.

The featured snippet is the one thing that people will view on several search engine result pages. Obtaining your site into this extremely valuable space as a part of your SEO efforts can actually help to enhance your visibility.

You can reach to Position 0 if you make effort in content formation on your website, particularly when it comes to answering questions and highly focusing on the questions users are asking by means of search.

As the time passes, there are probably even more different kinds of featured snippets on the Google SERPs and there will be even more chances to be visible in this space.

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