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The Biggest Trend of Online Marketing in 2017 – Voice Search
July 19, 2017

The voice search is one those ideas that is of no use, yet is immensely significant once you begin using it. There are several ways to turn a voice search from an absurd gizmo into a helpful productivity tool. Google’s been driving voice activities for a while, including loads of exciting features as well as endeavoring to make it appear some more exquisite.

Voice search is known to be a biggest trend of online marketing in 2017. This is really very fast tool and provides convenience to searchers a lot. On android, all it takes is a rapid swipe up from the bottom of your screen to use Google Now, after which you can only just say what you like and be on your way.


You don’t need to do typing, no altering typos as well as no scrolling through the menus for the contacts in case you are trying to call a friend. You can do everything almost instantly – and it is beyond just search.

How many searches are actually made on Voice?

Based on the records by Google, about 20% of mobile queries are voice searches. Google has additionally expressed that vast measure of Google searches occur on cell phones than on PC in around 10 nations, the US and Japan. Contemplating this, one should not ignore the significance of voice search.

Bing expressed that 25% of all searches are voice searches. With regards to Baidu, the experts discovered a persistent statistic just from two years back. However, from that detail, we’ve discovered that around 10% of all explorations are done utilizing voice. It’s imperative to see that a similar Internet Trends 2016 report is proposing that Baidu voice search is on the ascent, consequently the rate of voice search may be significantly higher. These make a ton of shrewdness considering that writing Chinese on a small cell phone keyboard is significantly more troublesome than writing English because of the time it brings to type with the enormous Mandarin letter set.

Why are people using Voice Search?

In a study conducted by the experts of SEO Company Dubai, Google itself has stated that instead of typing in the query box now most people make use of voice search. And as the experts have taken a look that how this technology is working, they figure out that people, both the teens as well as the adults  are utilizing voice search largely for taking certain actions with their phones yet not searching the way they are used to. They utilize voice to interact with their phones more than just “googling” distinct queries.

From the similar study, the experts came to know that half more than half of the teens and 41% of adults utilize voice search on regular basis. Possibly, most of them are depending upon the voice search for multitasking. Hence, direction-finding is the highly utilized feature launched by voice. Certainly not “googling” for distinct queries, but more of “commanding” several actions.



The Impact of Voice Search on SEO

Voice search is actually becoming a feature without which you can’t think of living. The voice search field is clearly developing and is becoming a competitive niche. There is no doubt about this. But what about the area of voice search SEO?

SEO is not dead and it possibly won’t be as long as search won’t be dead. The question that comes to everybody’s mind “do they have to forget everything they know and begin learning voice search optimization” might be a little quick.

SEO is yet extremely basic, however for the minute there is no solid difference between the voice search optimization and text search optimization. The better exhortation that one can give in this circumstance is: Optimize the best you can, and the rest will take after; voice search included. Obviously, there are some exact activities that you can do to have your website “voice search friendly”: focusing on the keywords, be mobile friendly or get nearby with your business. However, of course, these are moves that you’ve effectively made or you are going to, without having in mind the voice search transformation yet the advancement of search in general.

While voice search won’t be new and SEO experts have been discussing it for quite a while, it’s just with the appearance of new gadgets on Google Home that you, content creators, require listening in. Google has declared that they are expelling its “OK Google” hot word voice search feature from the desktop adaptation of Chrome. Obviously, the utilization of voice in search has changed customer search habits and digital marketers require adapting their technique with a specific end goal to remain on the curve.


In the future, voice search opens heaps of parts of search engine optimization and local searches. All digital companies require to adapt the propelled techniques and stay themselves in competition queue. Voice search not just provide an enhancement to the search engine optimization field, yet it likewise gives the chance to explore the opportunity of saving time. Regardless, where are from, you can easily search anything around you.

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